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Our website is here to help you to understand your own spirituality.  We bring you the best articles about: psychics, astrology, Christianity, the new age movement, horoscopes, end time events and so much more.  You can find just about everything related to spirituality from our blog posts.  Many people find that visiting our website helps them to understand their own spiritual path in life. Life is never easy to face on your own. Often, you need the help of articles and other forms of media to make it through your day.

We hope to provide you with prophetic insights that can help you to find your spiritual path in life. Our website is here to allow you to see the future in real time.  We have put together a collection of articles that tell a story of how we as humans view spirituality.  Many people do not understand what spirituality is or how it effects our lives entirely.  If we take matters one step at a time, we will be able to see that we are not alone in this world.  Many of our articles have to do with angels and prophecy as well.  We cover topics about world famous psychics and prophets that lived hundreds of years ago.

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Astrology Website

Astrology Website

Our goal is to be able to help people to see their own spiritual path in life.  Everyone has one and so it is important to always follow after what you know to be true in your life.

Freepsychicsight.com is a little over three years old.  It was started on the basis that the information that you receive from us should be free.  We do not offer free psychic readings, but many of our advertisers do. We suggest that you check with each company to find out how their free psychic reading policy works. Some people get 3 minutes free on some websites.

If you are uncertain about how spirituality works, we understand. This is the main reason why we decided to create this website. We want to explain spirituality from our perspective. It is our hope that once we explain it to you, that you will walk away with a careful understanding of who we are.  We do not always agree with what is being taught by some churches or religious leaders today. We often report on what we see and hear.  We also inform you of what is happening in the world today. Some people are dealing with confusion.  We help you by explaining what certain things mean in religion and how you can best address it.  Many people in the world today are struggling for answers. They simply want to hear truth and what life is all about.  Please tell your friends about our website.  We hope that you come back daily to read our articles.


Ezekiel: One of God’s Most Effective Prophets

Ezekiel the prophet lived during the time of the fall of Jerusalem.  Much of his ministry had to do with the temple.  He was called by God with a special task.   Ezekiel had a special task to help the people of Israel that felt abandoned by God. They were taken into Babylon and the Israeli people felt abandoned by God at that time.   Most of us feel abandoned by God for different reasons. At that time, the Israeli people did not have the hope that God was going to help them.  They felt abandoned and like God no longer cared for them.  Ezekiel had a lot of work cut out for himself. The Jews felt like God did not care about them because he allowed their city to burn.  According to 2 Kings 25:9, the Jewish people’s city was burned by the Babylonians.  Their homes, temple and Jerusalem was burned before their eyes.  This caused the Israelites to have to leave their home land.  It was devastating for them. The Lord however did not abandon his people. He instead used his prophet Ezekiel to speak to them.  The Israelites felt that God was angry at them for disobeying his laws.  When God called Ezekiel, he told him to be strong against the rebellious people of Israel.  He told him to not be afraid.  Part of Ezekiel’s job was to speak judgement into their lives.  He had to tell them of their sins against God. He was also a priest. Ezekiel was a faithful servant of God.  He did what God asked him to do.  Ezekiel had to explain to...

When Did Psychic Chat Online Readings Start?

Psychic chat online readings began when the internet became popular.  One of the first websites to introduce psychic chat was Kasamba.com.  This website was one of the few websites that allowed their visitors and client to connect with astrologers, clairvoyants and mediums through a chat window.  Other psychic websites like Keen.com and Asknow.com were mostly phone. Before psychic chat started, most people preferred to connect with a spiritual adviser by either phone or in person.  Telephone readings were popular in the 1990’s when the legendary Mrs. Cleo began telling people on infomercials to give her a call.  Callers would call in to receive a live psychic reading.  Most of the readings would be about love, money and career. When the internet came of age, people were spending hours on their computers.  It was not uncommon to hear of someone staying on the internet 2 to 4 hours a day after work.  Amazingly, most people had their social life taking part on the internet. One of the first chat platforms that existed was America Online. Here, men and women could chat with anyone that they wanted from around the world.  Many men and women felt connected to a person on the computer that they never met before.  There were other platforms for chatting such as Paltalk.com. Since chat was becoming popular, psychic companies began to take notice.  Instead of getting phone readings, psychic hotlines were now offering live chat advice.  This seemed to work because people often did not want to have their voices heard.  Most people either preferred phone, chat or in person readings. When the 21st century came...