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Astrology: How it All Got Started

Astrology: How it All Got Started
Astrology Practice

Astrology Practice

Astrology is one of the oldest practiced religions in the world.  There are literally thousands of books written on the subject.  Two of the most famous astrologers that ever lived were Nostradamus and Jeane Dixon.  Astrology is based on the relationship between the planets, stars and moon.   If you are interested in learning more about astrology, please read the book, Star Signs by Linda Goodman.  Linda Goodman is a well-known author of astrology.  She has written books about the compatibility of zodiac signs. There are those signs which work well together and those that are a complete disaster.

The twelve signs of the zodiac are: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.  You can date astrology back as far as 10,000 years ago.  The Egyptians are said to be the first people in history to actually make a science out of astrology. Many cultures also appreciated astrology. These cultures were the Romans, Greeks and Babylonians.

The Israelites knew that astrology was a science that they had to stay away from as their God told them to not even associate with people that practice astrology and witchcraft.  If anyone was found amongst them that practiced astrology, they should be put to death (Exodus 22:18).

Astrology came to the west sometime around the 14th to 17th centuries.  Astrology eventually became a pseudo-science.  Eventually, the early part of the 20th century brought out astrology once again in America.  Even the gifts of clairvoyance, tarot card readings and runes started to take place once again.  The mystic arts are highly practiced today by millions of people in America and around the world.

In the 1960’s, America began to see a change in how people worshiped and believed.  Many baby boomers are known to have practiced astrology during the 1960’s.  It was also a time for musical freedom.  Musicians like Elvis and the Beatles got their start as well.

In the 21st century, astrologers are taking advantage of computer technology by selling software about your zodiac sign. It used to take an astrologer week to map out someone’s birth chart.  However, it now takes just a few minutes to run an astrology chart about a person’s life.  You can even watch astrologers in action by watching videos on the topic.

Today, astrologers give messages about love, the stock market, business, money and career.  Even though astrology was started as a science, it is considered a religious practice of the new age movement today. Other mystic religions like tarot did not originally have a spiritual connection to it.  It is estimated that 2 million people today have had their chart read at least once in their life.




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